Harbour Stories

Recycling cards

On this page, we will be talking about activities we are involved in, such as workshops, exhibitions, volunteering and promotion of other creative people.

We will also be introducing the other artists that we will be working with to produce new designs.

Collection dates from the 4th January till 14th January. 

There is a collection point @glos.info aswell.

Cobalt is medical charity leading the way for diagnostic imaging. 

If like me you have lots of Christmas cards or even the odd greeting card left over don't throw them away.

The Cobalt Scanning Unit on Thirlestine Road, Cheltenham, Glos are collecting them at earmarked collection points from the public and businesses.

Cobalt has teamed up with a local Cheltenham business Printwaste to recycle any parts of cards which don't get upcycled.